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20170429_133229Cut OPEX and Optimize CAPEX

  • Use Solar to Minimize DG run time Field Proven
  • Reliability with over 2,000 installed and operating

Designed for Remote Telecom Sites

  • Hybrid Solar / DG or Pure Solar
  • Smart control of external generator
  • 48V, Positive Ground Systems
  • Up to 9kW Load, 20kW PV Array
  • 2 Panel Sizes for 2 or 4 T80HV MPPT Charge Controllers



Complete Energy System Electronics

  • Comprehensive Remote Monitoring
  • IP66 Sealed Enclosure
  • Options for Custom configurations
  • Factory wired and tested in the USA and Korea. 5 Year Warranty

Based on the field proven T80HV TurboCharger

telecom_reducedThe T80HV TurboCharger™ is the industry’s most robust Photovoltaic battery charge controller. It integrates Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), battery charge management, State of Charge data, and communications into a single product. Each T80HV will support up to 5kW of PV Array with up to 180 volts Voc. The 80Amps of battery charge current is available with ambient temperatures up to 45OC.

Reduced CAPEX with optional features

The Gen 4 systems are designed to minimize the Capital Expense when buying solar replacements for diesel generators. The basic panels are offered at lowest cost, with optional features that can be added on a ‘per requirement’ basis.

Comprehensive Remote Monitoring and Control

20190222_161524Optional remote monitoring of the entire energy system is near real-time. Data is sent to our server every 10 seconds showing: Voltage and current on PV input, batteries, and load; Internal cabinet and battery temperatures; Battery State of Charge, Energy Harvest, Alarms and Diagnostics. Alarms are provided on all vital parameters with load disconnect on low battery SoC. Data communication is via Ethernet, GSM Modem or Satellite.

Hybrid Diesel Generator Control

All the Gen4 Panels offer full Hybrid System functionality. The IIAN TECH system Controller firmware is available with Smart Energy Flow Algorithm which starts an external generator at the optimum time. Our smart software minimizes fuel consumption and DG run time while ensuring that the telecom BTS loads are always powered and that the batteries are never deeply discharged.

New MINI Panel

Designed for low cost, the MINI panel will fit either 1 or 2 T80HVs which can harvest up to 10kW of PV. All the options for the standard size panels fit in the MINI as well. The MINI cabinet is 600x1000mm.

Easy Installation in Remote Locations

The PVT Systems are completely assembled, wired, and tested in our factory in the USA , Korea to provide a single point of responsibility.

Green House (그린하우스)

green house

이안기술은 미국의 Lamplighter Energy Inc. 와 함께 그린하우스(Green House) 사업을 추진합니다.

Lamplighter Energy에서 제공하는 기술로 가정, 창고, 온실 하우스, 축사, 식물재배사, 토지, 임야 등의 유휴 면적에 Lamplighter Energy의 자본을 결합하여 태양광발전시스템, 발전소를 건설하여 보다 높은 소득을 올릴 수 있도록 우리는 적정한 솔루션을 제공합니다.

ESS (Energy Storage System)

이안기술은 2004년 신재생에너지 사업 개시이래 꾸준히 독립형발전시스템의 연구와 설치에 노력을 해 왔습니다. 가정용 SHS 시스템에서 첨단 통신기지국 전원공급 시스템에 이어 상업용 ESS 시스템에 이르기 까지 다battery-1821이안기술은 2004년 신재생에너지 사업 개시이래 꾸준히 독립형발전시스템의 연구와 설치에 노력을 해 왔습니다. 가정용 SHS 시스템에서 첨단 통신기지국 전원공급 시스템에 이어 상업용 ESS 시스템에 이르기 까지 다양한 용도별로 맞춤형 솔루션을 완벽하게 제공합니다. 이안기술의 에너지저장장치 (Energy Storage System; ESS) 기술은 다양한 소비자의 욕구를 만족시킬 수 있으며 다양한 용도별로 KWh 급의 시스템에서부터 MWh의 상업용 시스템에 이르기까지 ESS 솔루션을 제공합니다.

IIAN TECH has been making efforts to research and install stand-alone power generation system solar-panels-2168757_1920IIAN TECH has been making efforts to research and install stand-alone power generation system continuously since the start of the new and renewable energy business in 2004. From home SHS systems to advanced communications base station power supply systems to commercial ESS systems, we offer a complete range of tailor-made solutions. IIAN TECH’s Energy Storage System (ESS) technology can meet the needs of various consumers and provides ESS solutions from KWh class systems to MWh commercial systems for various applications.

이 글은 ESS 카테고리로 분류되었고 님에 의해 에 작성됐습니다.

Wind Turbines

2015-10-12 15;33;48주)이안기술은 하이브리드 플랜트 사업을 위하여, 풍력발전터빈에도 관여를 합니다. 그러나 어떠한 풍력발전시스템을 생산하지는 않습니다. 이안기술은 신뢰할 수 있는 솔루션으로 풍력터빈과 태양광발전시스템, 그리고 ESS, 연료발전기를 결합한 독립적인 에너지 자립 시스템을 구성합니다.


 AIM  2  2
 Inverter Manager Adapter & Software  Breaker Pack  High Voltage Breaker Pack  
 Model: AIM-1  Model: ISM T80-DC Pack  Model: ISM-T80HV-DC Pack
Required to change default parameters on  TSW3224 & TSW4048 Inverters. DC Circuit Breakers to add T80 to the ISM DC Circuit Breakers to add a T80HV to the ISM.
AIM installation & operating instructions Product Details Product Details
 3  4  5
 Generator Selector Switch  Shunt 500/50  DC Circuit Breakers
 Model: ISM-GEN SELECTOR  Model: AS500  Model: DC90, Model: DC100
6 7 2015-10-28 18;10;58
 ACG-1  Communications Gateway  AMS-1  Monitoring Service   ACM-1  Cellular Modem 
  • Allows data from all  ASNET or Modbus enabled products to be monitored via Ethernet.
  • Sends data to our server for monitoring using any PC.
  • 1 year of AMS Monitoring Service included
  • Provides the end user and/or installer with full access to all data sent to the server from each device.
  • The first year’s Monitoring Service is provided free with the purchase of the ACG Communications Gateway.
  • Connects the ACG Communication Gateway with connection via GSM cellular telephone to the internet when direct Ethernet based service is not available.
  • Requires one ACG Communication Gateway for each system being monitored.
Spec Sheet
 Spec Sheet
RD-Wired 10  Combiner Box Spec Sheet 2016_Image_1
  RD-Wired – Wired Remote Display   ASNET – Network Kit 

 Combiner Box

  •  Uses CAT5 cable up to 1000ft. (Not included)
  • Includes a Network Option Card for connecting to the T80 TurboCharger.
  •  Includes Network Option Card and a 7ft (2 meter) CAT5 cable. One kit required per parallel T80.
  •  Number of PV Input Circuits-5 standard, 3,4 or 6 avaiable
 Manual  Spec

Custom Designing Solutions

IIAN TECH often organizes factory production and quality control inspections & tours for our clients.  This enhances the working relationship and trust ensuring solar projects are designed and manufactured to specification.

 we are able to offer PV project design and pre-planning, product selection, feasibility studies, engineering design, equipment procurement, project management, and system maintenance schedule.  We also are able to work closely with our client’s design and sourcing teams making the long-distance business transactions more customer friendly.  We know how important it is to do business with people you trust and can rely on.

Long life and high performance of PV systems come partially from selecting the right solar PV system components.  Manufacturing practices and solar products are often changing and/or upgrading and IIAN TECH has direct access to the newest and best products coming out of Apollo Solar and abroad.



Consultancy Services

copy-tt-복사본.gifIIAN TECH has a team of Solar Consultants and experts with a combined experience of more than 100 MW of Solar Power Consultation. We provide support from the inception, through land acquisition, design, detailing, integrating and up to the commissioning as a turn-key solution.

Project Consultancy includes services for Project Developers like:

  • Market Research and pre-feasibility
  • Registration of Project with Utility
  • Land identification and acquisition
  • Govt. Liasioning, tendering, vetting ,agreements
  • Subsidy and Financing facilitation
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) facilitation
  • Designing and Planning
  • Identification and Selection of EPC
  • Execution and O&M
  • Risk Management
  • Carbon Management and Finance
  • Corporate Energy Business Planning


Commercial Solar Power Systems

ith a solar power system, you can harness the power of the sun to reduce the power consumption in your commercial operation, by converting its free sunlight in to clean electricity.

고매동 3kW On grid

Commercial operations can provide the perfect opportunity for grid-connected solar power (PV) systems and the ability to significantly reduce daily operating costs of a business. Often commercial operations are huge power users and their buildings offer great expanses of roof space that are ideal for large scale arrays that can generate significant amounts of power.

A solar power system is ideal for many and varied commercial and industrial premises such as:

  • Factories & warehouses
  • Schools
  • Sports clubs & swimming complexes
  • Municipal facilities
  • Car parks
  • Mine
  • Farms

20190120_102915IIAN TECH has the expertise to tailor a system to meet your energy-saving objectives and will provide a full turnkey service for your large-scale PV installation.