Telecom System with Solar Power


The solar base station system generates electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. Because the solar system is a clean, pollution-free, fuel-free renewable energy source, it is able to generate power with light only and its operation does not depend on water, petroleum, gas, or fuel. The solar power generation industry has showed rapid development trends under various incentive policies announced by many countries in the world. Requirements for these systems are reliability, durability, and low maintenance. When considering the costs of running diesel generators in remote locations or other charging sources, solar power is a cost effective solution for all remote applications.

 Via the unique design of the Solar-Grid-DG (Diesel generator, AC Coupling) power supply system for BTS sites with grid access, the reliance on diesel generators can be significantly minimized or entirely eliminated. This system is able to maintain power supply to BTS sites to ensure continuous telecommunication service, while minimize operational cost and initial capital investment to Telecom operator.


  • Telecommunication companies
  • Telecommunication towers
  • Offices
  • Mobile companies
  • Military

Benefits for Wireless Carriers

  • One 10kw ~ 12kW solar power system may completely offset the entire primary electrical overhead, including air conditioning, of a single carrier.
  • Our systems may eliminate the need for grid power connectivity.
  • Generation of surplus power may be sold back into the grid system or stored for future use into additional ESS’s.
  • Our systems can greatly reduce the workload, and reliance upon secondary diesel back-up systems.
  • Our systems enables deployment of new tower installations quickly, and with more efficient use of capital.
  • Our systems can be implemented using our financing or rental programs as an operating expense thereby preserving capital.
  • Our systems can mitigate network up-time /down-time when natural disasters strike.


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