Off Grid Pre-Wired Solar Power System Panel

4kW Pre-Wired Panel Remote Power System

PWP panelModel: PWP4kW

      1. 4000 Watt 48V Inverter/Charger 120/240 Split Phase, 120 VAC or 230 VAC, 50Hz or 60Hz.
      2. 80 Amp, 200VOC MPPT PV Charge Controller with Stage of Charge Remote Monitoring Gateway.
      3. All the Breakers and GFCI 

Spec Sheet


 Complete Off-Grid PV Electronics in 1 Enclosure
The entire electronics for a battery based PV system in a
single cabinet. The Apollo Solar SPC 120/240 Solar Power
Center is a complete Off-Grid PV Power System, factory
wired and ready for quick installation. The Inverter, Charge
Controller, System Monitor and all the circuit breakers are
inside a single enclosure. The installer need only connect
the PV Input, Battery Cables, AC Load and generator input.

  • Choice of Inverter: TrueSineWave TSW2212, TSW3224 or TSW3648
  • T80 TurboChargerTM charge controller
  • DC Breakers for PV in and T80 out
  • AC Breakers and Inverter bypass
  • PV Ground Fault Protection
  • AC and DC Lightning Arrestors
  • System Monitor and Control module
  • Completely factory wired
  • Room for additional breakersspc2Clean Professional Appearance. Save time on every installation – Factory wired and labeled for code-compliance.  Easy maintenance – Designed for simple change out of inverter or charge controller.

 Lower costs using a Factory-Built Appliance
The SPC is a single box that provides both 120 and 240 volt, 50 or 60Hz AC power for the world-wide markets and can be easily installed into tight spaces. It accommodates the Apollo Solar TrueSineWaveTM Inverter and T80 TurboChargerTM. The DC and AC circuit breakers and System Monitor are factory installed and wired. The best features needed for reliable operation The SPC features the TrueSineWave™ Split Phase Inverter, the T80 MPPT Charge Controller, the SPC front-panel System Display, and integral DC and AC breakers, Ground Fault Protection, Lightning Arrestors, and generator start/operation capability, all in a clean, compact 3-foot by 2- foot enclosure that stands only 9 inches from the wall. The SPC includes the Apollo Solar patent-pending MPPT energy harvest and built-in TriMetric™ battery state-of-charge metering in a single unit can process up to 5300 watts of PV power. The SPC 120/240 is the turn-key solution for remote, Off-Grid PV applications. It supports flooded lead-acid, gel, and absorbed-glass-mat batteries in 12, 24, and 48 VDC configurations providing four-stage charging with fail-safe, calculated default settings as well as adjustable set points for all parameters.