Off Grid 3.2kW Pre-Wired Solar Power System Panel


About the 3.2kW Off Grid Pre-Wired Solar Power System panel

Model: PWP3.2kW
  • 3200 Watt 24V Inverter / Charger 120/240 Split-Phase, 120 VAC or 230 VAC, 50Hz or 60Hz
  • 80 Amp, 200 VOC MPPT PV Charge Controller with State of Charge Remote Monitoring Gateway
  • All the Breakers and GFCI
  • Battery voltage monitor cable
  • Battery temperature sensor
  • Shunt Board attached to the Shunt in the ISM
  • Circuit breakers for AC in, AC out, AC bypass, and TSW DC
  • Apollo Communication Gateway (ACG-1): only 1 required per system.
  • Apollo Communication Gateway (ACG-SNMP): only 1 required per system.
  • GSM Cellular Modem (CELL-): Modem, antenna, power supply, and DC breaker; requires gateway and user-supplied SIMM card.
  • GFP Breaker 150VDC (GFP140-): Ground fault protection breaker for T80
  • GFP Breaker 250VDC (GFP180-): Ground fault protection breaker for T80HV
  • Generator Selector Switch (GSEL-): Pair of breakers and toggle.
  • Surge Protection on PV Input (SRG): 1 MOV Surge Module (1 for each T80 / T80HV)
Dramatically Cut Installation Time
  • The PWP Pre-Wired Panels include all the parts for Off-Grid power systems to connect PV, Batteries and Loads. The small footprint makes them an easy fit for cabins, cottages, homes and remote communication sites. Optional accessories are also installed, wired, and tested prior to shipping from the Apollo Solar factory.
Wide Range of Power Sizes – 3.2kW to 12kW
  • A single 24V/3.2kW or a 48V/4kW TSW Inverter/Charger plus a T80 or T80HV MPPT charge controller is provided on the PWP with all the breakers and wiring for a complete remote power system. And two or three PWP units can be stacked side by side with a 4” gutter for up to 12kW of AC Power for PV arrays up to 15 kW with 48 volt batteries.
Universal Global AC Compliance
  • The AC input and output may be wired for single phase at 120VAC, 230VAC, 240VAC, 120/240 Split-Phase, or 120/208VAC 3-Phase, including the choice of 50Hz or 60Hz.
80 Amp MPPT Charge Controllers
  • Choice of the T80 or the T80HV (that provides up to 200V open-circuit input) charge controllers with built-in Battery State-of-Charge energy monitor.
All the circuit breakers are front accessible
  • The Inverter Switchgear Module has room for 18 breakers that include optional Ground Fault Protection, Generator Selector, and all the required DC or AC breakers.
Exclusive Off-Grid Remote Monitoring via any PC
  • The Apollo Communication Gateway sends all system data to local net or Internet, where you can access it at any time.

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