Iian Tech provides monitoring of all Apollo Charge controllers and inverters through the optional Iian 20190306_120110Tech(Apollo) Communications Gateway.  The Gateway gathers data from all of the charge controllers and inverters at an installation and uploads the data to  You can access your system data via a Web browser at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Iian Tech monitoring provides an easy method of viewing system performance data that is useful to not only the system owner, but to service and installation personnel as well. Installers can monitor the performance of new installations from a single system, to an entire block of new homes.

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 9  Wired remote display for the and T80 and T80HV Charge Controllers. This display shoes the output from the PV array and the complete state of the battery system.

Wired Remote Display (RD-Wired)
 6  The Communications Gateway links Inverters and Charge controllers so they can be monitored locally or remotely over the Internet

Solar Communications Gateway (ACG-1)
 8  The GSM Modem allows automatic remote monitoring anywhere there is GSM cellular service.  Simply sign up for service, insert the SIM card obtained from your service provider, and connect the Communications  Gateway to the modem. Solar GSM Modem (ACM-1)
 2016-06-29 13;22;57 This is program runs on Windows PC’s and lets you monitor and control your system locally by connecting to the Communications Gateway.   System Manager Software (AIM)
 7 The Apollo website allows you to monitor your system using the  Internet.  The Communications Gateway relays information from Inverters and Charge Controllers to the  Internet, where you can log on and see the status and history of your system. Internet Monitoring