Solar Lantern, i-01

lantern, i-01

This product, which is provided with “Korea Volunteer Organization; 한국국제봉사기구(KVO)” supported by “Samsung” is Universal Solar Lantern electrically charged from Solar Energy.This product is designed potable, wall-mounting and Ceiling fixed type.

 1. Product: Solar lantern, i-01                                                                                                        2. Contents

  • Battery : 3.7VDC, Li-ion battery, 2600mA, parallel(10.4Ah), Samsung SDI
  • LED lamp : 3W (12VDc), Samsung Semiconductor.
  • Controller : 4.2V 1.5A
  • Size : 110 x 110 x 55(HT80)mm
  • Solar module (6.5Voc ~ 20Voc) : 20Wp
  • USB port : 5V 1A


 3.   How to use

① Battery                                                                                                

  • Compatible battery is 3.7VDC Li-ion battery ,Li-polymer Battery or Li-ion Phosphate.    Recommended battery is made by Samsung SDI Li-ion Battery
  •  Battery (3.7V 10.4A) included can be used approximate 10 hours after full charging
  • LED Lamp is set as bellowing .
  • Full Charged …………….. Green LED Flickering
  • Normal operation ……….. Green LED Light on
  • Normal + Shortage ……… Green LED + Amber color LED
  • Need to be charged …….. Red LED Flickering  and turn off  
  •  Non authorized-disassemble of battery is dangerous.                                                                
  • All of action for bent or physical damage inside and outside of battery is strictly not allowed.
  • Storage condition of battery : Principle is to at a low temperature and low humidity. But, Non-freezing temperature should be kept in.                                                                              
  • Battery should be kept away from the Fire.                                                                            
  • Battery should be not stored separately after lantern disassembled, There could be a burn or a fire caused by short. Specially, make sure children do not decompose.

②  Controller                                                                                                                                  

  •  Input Voltage : 6.5VDC ~ 20.0VDC (voltage of solar module), Currency :  2.5A(3.2VDC) ~0.625A ~ 0.280A (4.15VDC)                                                                                                          
  •  For the safety, we do not supply any part or component to Shops or Distributors, please contact directly below contact points.                                                                                            
  • In case User replaces Battery, the user should RESET this product
  • How to RESET ; Both sides of the part(J2 part) is contacted port at the same time, then the Controller operates.

③  LED Lamp

  • Specification:                                                                                                                          

 *12VDC 3.3W (0.275A)

  • life time : Approx. 50,000Hour
  • Be careful not to be broken by strong impact. Dangerous to human body.
  • Strongly requested to use the Safety net when you use this product outside                  
  • Specially, When used by children must use the Safe net.
  • In case of replace of LED Lamp, 12VDC should be strictly used.

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