Hybrid, Hydro Electricity Power Generation

Hybrid power

copy-tt-복사본.gifHybrid power systems incorporate several electricity generating components with usually one major control system which enables the system to supply electricity in the required quality.

 Hybrid power systems are designed for the generation of electrical power. They are generally independent of large centralized electric grids and are used in remote areas. Hybrid systems by definition contain a number of power generation devices such as wind turbines, photovoltaic, micro-hydro and/or fossil fuel generators. Hybrid power systems range from small systems designed for one or several homes to very large ones for remote island grids or large communities.


Hybrid power systems are seen as a way to provide power to the many remote communities in the developing world where the costs for large scale expansion of electrical grids is prohibitive and the transportation costs of diesel fuel are also very high.

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Today, more than ever, a secure and economic supply of energy is of utmost importance for industry, business and private users. Today’s energy resources such as coal, mineral oil, natural gas, and nuclear power won’t remain available without ever more severe limitations or consequences on the environment. Reduced fossil reserves will inevitably result in higher energy prices.

h1For nuclear energy, there is today no appropriate concept for waste disposal, and probably never will be. Therefore, a basic shift is necessary for a preference for renewable energy sources. For centuries hydropower has played an important role for mankind, and it will further assert itself in the future. Many facts support the use of water as an energy resource.

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