uyqvfduIIAN TECH Powers the U.S. Armed Forces

The products supplied by the IIAN TECH are used by the U.S. military to provide electricity from solar panels for fixed base and mobile applications.  IIAN TECH products are used extensively in the Middle East, providing dependable energy under extreme conditions.

iqwjdSolar Products in the Military:

  • Are tested by the U.S. Army and they perform better and more reliably than other products under extreme temperatures and shock.
  • Offer excellent performance in terms of energy harvest and battery management.
  • Have proven to be very easy to install and maintain by service personnel with limited training and multiple responsibilities.
  • Are compatible with a broad range of panels and ancillary equipment

Benefits for Military, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Our systems allows for strategic and reliable power strategies during a quick deployment / disaster initiative.
  • Where remote sites that have limited power, but require clean “ongoing” power, the IIAN TECH system can be easily implemented.
  • Mitigate or eliminate the costs associated with diesel transportation, delivery, storage, and generator service requirements.
  • Allows for greater power supply security and reduced exposure to unreliable outside sources of electric power.
  • Our systems are a great option for permanent or semi-permanent sites world wide that require primary or secondary energy sources to power various equipment.
  • Allows entities to comply with Sustainable and Environmentally Sensitive strategies and mandates.