AIM  2  2
 Inverter Manager Adapter & Software  Breaker Pack  High Voltage Breaker Pack  
 Model: AIM-1  Model: ISM T80-DC Pack  Model: ISM-T80HV-DC Pack
Required to change default parameters on  TSW3224 & TSW4048 Inverters. DC Circuit Breakers to add T80 to the ISM DC Circuit Breakers to add a T80HV to the ISM.
AIM installation & operating instructions Product Details Product Details
 3  4  5
 Generator Selector Switch  Shunt 500/50  DC Circuit Breakers
 Model: ISM-GEN SELECTOR  Model: AS500  Model: DC90, Model: DC100
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 ACG-1  Communications Gateway  AMS-1  Monitoring Service   ACM-1  Cellular Modem 
  • Allows data from all  ASNET or Modbus enabled products to be monitored via Ethernet.
  • Sends data to our server for monitoring using any PC.
  • 1 year of AMS Monitoring Service included
  • Provides the end user and/or installer with full access to all data sent to the server from each device.
  • The first year’s Monitoring Service is provided free with the purchase of the ACG Communications Gateway.
  • Connects the ACG Communication Gateway with connection via GSM cellular telephone to the internet when direct Ethernet based service is not available.
  • Requires one ACG Communication Gateway for each system being monitored.
Spec Sheet
 Spec Sheet
10  Combiner Box Spec Sheet 2016_Image_1
  RD-Wired – Wired Remote Display   ASNET – Network Kit 
 Combiner Box
  •  Uses CAT5 cable up to 1000ft. (Not included)
  • Includes a Network Option Card for connecting to the T80 TurboCharger.
  •  Includes Network Option Card and a 7ft (2 meter) CAT5 cable. One kit required per parallel T80.
  •  Number of PV Input Circuits-5 standard, 3,4 or 6 avaiable
 Manual  Spec