많이 사용되는 약어.        

BOOT—- Build-Own-Operate-Transfer
FBR—- Federal Board of Revenue
CPP—- Capacity Purchase Price
COD—- Commercial Operation Date
DEL— Place of delivery (화물인도장소)
DISCOs—- Distribution Companies
EPP—- Energy Purchase Price
ETA—  Estimated time of arrival
ETD— Estimated time of departure
IA—- Implementation Agreement
ICB—- International Competitive Bidding
IPP—- Independent Power Producer
kV—- Kilo Volt
kW—- Kilo Watt
kWh—- Kilo Watt Hour
LOI—- Letter of Interest
LOS—- Letter of Support
MW—- Mega Watt
POD— Port of debarkation (양륙항: 화물 도착항)
POL— Port of loading (화물 선적항)
POR— Place of receipt (화물 수취장소)
PPA—- Power Purchase Agreement
PPC—- Private Power Cell
RFP—- Request for Proposals
TFC—- Term Finance Certificate
US $—- United States Dollar
VOY— Voyage (항해)
WPI—- Wholesale Price Index
WUC—- Water Use Charges
WUL—- Water Use License