Apollo Solar RD-Wired Remote Display


Apollo Solar RD-Wired Remote Display

Monitor the PV-Battery System from Anywhere

The Displays provide Battery-System Management in a convenient, portable package. See what the PV array, Charge Controller, Batteries, and Load are doing at any moment. You can also check the results for each day for the last year.

Wireless Option Card for the TurboChargerTM

The Wireless Option Card is installed in the Option Card slot comes with a chassis mount antenna.

Wireless Version: RD-100 & RD-300

The wireless board includes internal antenna and rechargeable NiMH batteries with on-board charging. Charging input may be 12v to 24v DC or 115VAC using the plug-in wall transformer.

Apollo T80 wireless display


The wired Remote Display is plug-and-play, and can be added to any TurboCharger in the field. The Network Option Card provides the data and power for the Remote Display utilizing CAT5 cable.Simple installation – easy Set-Up


  • Battery State of Charge (SOC) displayed as Bar-Graph, % of Full and Amp-Hours Remaining.
  • PV current and voltage
  • Battery charge/discharge Amps
  • Over a year of system history with an SD Memory Card (included)
  • Use SD card data for PC graphs
  • RD-100 Range is 100 ft (30m) indoors, or 300 ft (100m) line-of-sight
  • RD-300 Range is 300 ft (100m) indoors, or 1 mile (1.6km) line-of-sight
  • FCC approved
  • Includes rechargeable batteries

General Information

  • Product Category:
  • Manufacturer: Apollo Solar
  • Model ID/Number: RD-Wired


Range RD-100 30m (100ft) in buildings
100m (300ft) line of sight
Range RD-300 100m (300ft) in buildings
1.6km (1 mile) line of sight
Charger Input 12VDC to 24VDC or 115VAC w/ transformer supplied
Display type LCD 4 lines 20 characters Transflective with backlight
TurboChargerTM Data Displayed SOC bar graph, SOC %, Amp-hours remaining,
PV Input Voltage & Current, Battery Voltage & Current, Net battery charge / discharge current System charging history up to a year
Data Storage A full year of data from up to 16 parallel TurboChargers.
Multiple Displays Up to 16 Wireless or up to 2 Wired Remote Displays may be added to any TurboCharger or network of parallel TurboChargers.
Unit dimensions 18.5cm X 11cm X 6cm (7.3“ X 4.3“ X 2.4“) W x H x D
Shipping dimensions 28cm X 20cm X 18cm (11“ X 8“ X 7“)
Weight RD-100, RD-300: 635gm (1.4lbs)
Environmental rating Indoor Type 1 (Not intended for use in extremely damp locations)
SD Memory Card Up to 2.0 GB, FAT16 file format

Datasheets & Collateral

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