Apollo Solar ACG-1 Communications Gateway

Apollo Solar ACG-1 Communications Gateway

Plug and Play Web-Based Monitoring of Apollo Charge Controllers and Inverters

The Apollo Communications Gateway makes it easy to monitor Apollo charge controllers, inverters and other products, easily and simply, supporting up to 100 connected Apollo devices per Gateway.

Works with ASNET and Modbus Enabled Products

The Gateway can work with either products that use the original ASNET network bus, or with the new industry-standard Modbus enabled products.

Works through the Internet or Locally

By default, the Communications Gateway automatically sends data from connected devices to our server, where you can use any browser to go to website and monitor the performance of your Apollo products. If you don’t have a broadband connection to the Internet, Apollo Solar offers a program that you install on your PC to monitor locally.

General Information

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  • Manufacturer: Apollo Solar
  • Model ID/Number: ACG-1

Datasheets & Collateral

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PDF DocumentApollo Solar Communications Gateway ACG-1 Manual Datasheet & Collateral
PDF DocumentCommunication Gateway ACG-1 Spec Sheet Datasheet & Collateral

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