Engineering design of the PV system

At Iian Tech we understand that everything is in the details. Therefore every plan, drawing or specification from engineering to design is meticulously detailed and thoroughly worked out.

Our construction specifications not only meet all legal and engineering standards but also exceed them .

Specifically we provide:

  • Preliminary Engineering Services
  • Initial permit screening – due diligence
  • Verification of grid connection solutions and estimates supported by in-depth status reports
  • Thorough analysis of plant facility configuration defined in the permit specifications
  • Recommendations on the ideal facility configuration that best matches your individual needs, both economically and logistically

Our engineering Services:

  • Create preliminary design options
  • Cost/benefit analysis of each design option leading to our recommendation
  • Development of the final engineering plan
  • Development of an executive engineering plan
  • Development of the detailed construction specifications
  • Producing a detailed technical description
  • Detailed schematic plans of all electrical components and data points
  • Detailed PV system plans

Engineering design. A critical factor:

The design efficiency between one PV system and another can fluctuate enormously. If you neglect to examine engineering design thoroughly you could find hidden inefficiencies that add significantly to costs later on. That’s why at Iian Tech we ensure it forms an integral part of the planning process. In fact, we produce a technical specification guide and purchase specifications to cover all PV System works and components. Specifically this includes:

  • Type and general description
  • Project data
  • Legal and statutory references
  • Criteria for the choice and dimension of the systems
  • Description of the PV system
  • Components of the PV system
  • Technical specifications of the components
  • PV system operation
  • Review of the electrical and mechanical components of the PV system
  • Performance data
  • Summary datasheet
  • User, maintenance and safety manual
  • Indicative timetable of activities