Construction and commissioning of the PV system

Too often mistakes and oversights during construction cause inefficiencies in the PV system that ultimately leads to poor performance. At Iian Tech we’ve built up an established network of engineering offices throughout Korea so that no matter where you are we can provide onsite support to ensure the construction process runs smoothly and efficiently.

With decades of experience working with a huge variety of geographical and environmental conditions, Iian Tech makes sure construction is carried out to the highest professional engineering standards no matter where.

  • Appointment of  Construction Management Director (CMD) with the relevant local authorities
  • Verifying that the plant construction conforms with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Identifying any non-conforming areas and taking the appropriate action
  • Preparing all PV System Construction documents including the very critical document in setting the standards of construction
  • In-depth review on the quality and suitability of the construction processes
  • In-depth review and inspection of the work carried out by sub-contractors and equipment suppliers to make certain they meet professional standards and project design parameters
  • Direction and supervision of all the PV plant’s testing and commissioning procedures to maximise system performance
  • Taking any remedial action necessary following the PV System re-testing and commissioning
  • If required we will supervise remedial action to ensure a rapid award of the incentive scheme
  • Liaising with the construction company to ensure construction specifications and procurement of critical equipment are realized
  • Assistance in plant construction with specialised onsite engineers to ensure the project meets the highest industry standards