Grid Connection

Grid connection services

From setting up the compulsory contracts for the sale of electricity to drafting contracts for grid connection we cover every detail and every legal requirement. In other words, we are able to make the whole process painless.

  • Full assistance in obtaining the connections codes (POD, connection number, SAPR)
  • Preparing and collecting all information relating to the plant in the format required by the distributor
  • Full assistance during the commissioning of the plant.
  • Full assistance in formulating the necessary contracts for the sale of electricity to the grid. This includes energy delivery application and tax mitigation documentation.
  • Full assistance in drafting contracts for grid connection and operating rules
  • Full assistance in verifying grid parameters

Plant startup services, energy sale services, feed-in-tariff incentive application management

Approval processes, applications and registrations can seem a little daunting. Particularly when they can have such a significant effect on your business. But with our know-how we’ll guide you through all the correct procedures and exact requirements to ensure your project gets off the ground without any headaches or delays along the way.

  • Full assistance during plant startup
  • Plant commissioning, verification of performance parameters, preparation of commissioning and performance report
  • Full assistance for the feed-in-tariff incentive application
  • Help to register the plant
  • Help to register the plant parameters
  • Help to register the plant’s commercial parameters
  • Prepare all related paper documentation and related activities required by government
  • Provide technical support and back-up during government plant inspections
  • Provide training for plant owners on how to best handle the relationship with government

Full support with energy reporting issues

We’ll take care of every detail. We’ll help draft energy production notifications and train your employees on the finer points of running and maintaining the plant. You name it we offer a solution for it.

  • Advice and support during the certification of plant measuring equipment
  • Support and backup during inspections made by the Tax Ministry
  • Training all personnel in the administrative aspects of plant management