Reduce OPEX

Iian Tech’s (Apollo Solar) Telecom System is designed to reduce operating expenses for remote telecommunications installations.

Iian Tech(Apollo) Telecom Systems Reduce OPEX Costs

  • Harness the lower cost of solar relative to diesel
  • Fewer Service Calls: Apollo Solar has the top track record
  • Fewer Site visits with remote monitoring of all functions
  • Faster Installations: Turnkey installation, standard sizes
  • Factory assembled and tested system backed by a 5 year warranty (extensions available)
  • Lower PV Module Costs: higher energy harvest from fewer modules

Energy Costs Favor Solar/Hybrid

Three factors make a solar or solar/diesel hybrid system the optimal investment:

  • Diesel OPEX keeps going up
  • Solar CAPEX has come down
  • Solar Hybrid Systems now offer fast ROI

Data sources:Diesel costs: World Bank.
Assumptions: 25% for delivery to sites, No fuel theft, No batteries, $.10/kWh to cover cost of generator and maintenance with replacement every 10 year.
Solar costs: Solarbuzz.
Assumptions: batteries are 50% of system cost.

Solar/Diesel Hybrid: The Best IRR

A Solar/Diesel Hybrid system has the best Incremental Internal Rate of Return (IRR). The local cost of diesel fuel and the cost of capital are key determinants of the IRR of a system. The chart below is based on a battery hybrid system. A pure diesel site is more costly, while a solar / diesel hybrid site has a better IRR than that shown.