AC to DC Dual Power Pack for PS600/PS1200

AC-DC converter to power PS600 / PS1200 / pump systems from generator or utility power

Dual Power Pack Advantages

Some solar pumps may not provide sufficient flow during all conditions, especially in unusually cloudy weather or if sufficient storage is not provided.

The Lorentz AC Power Pack allows the pump to be powered by an AC generator or commercial utility power (grid fed). The solar array remains connected. If the sun comes out, less power is drawn from the AC source.

A common application is for a portable genset (gasoline generator) to run a well pump. When the generator is stopped (or runs out of fuel) the pump automatically returns to solar power when the sunshine is sufficient. No manual switching is required.

The Power Pack will power the pump to its full capacity. With some systems, it will produce a greater flow rate than you will see with solar power.