Why do LORENTZ ECDRIVE brushless DC motors have 4 wires, 3 motor phase cables plus ground?

Every DC, AC single phase or AC 3 phase motor needs 3 phases (wires) to be connected to the motor wiring set to create a turning magnetic field and to make the motor spin.

In a traditional brushed DC motor you don’t see these 3 phases because they are hidden inside the motor behind the commutator. The commutator is the device on which the carbon blocks (brushes) slide inside the motor. Positive and negative wires are connected to this commutator, the commutator splits this up into 3 phases and creates the turning field.

An 3-phase AC motor dos not need a commutator since the grid already provides a “turning” field via the 3 phases. So the three phases in an AC motor go straight to the motor wiring set.

single phase AC motor uses a capacitor to create the third phase.

LORENTZ Brushless DC motors have the great advantage that they do not have brushes that wear down and need to be replaced. ECDRIVE DC brushless motors create the turning filed by using surface mounted electronics rather than a commutator. The three wires (plus ground) from the PS controller to the pump motor achieve this, hence ECDRIVE brushless DC motors have 3 wires plus a ground .

As well as the improved efficiency, improved control and reduced maintenance the LORENTZ solution also moves the electronics out of the motor (and water) to the surface making servicing simple and easily accessible.

Never try to connect standard AC power to LORENTZ motors.