Why do your competitors’ brushless DC motors only have two wires coming from the pump motor?

We are often asked why LORENTZ pump motors are connected to the controller with 3 (plus ground) wires as DC motors normally have two. DC motors with 2 wire connection have a set of electronics integrated into the motor.

LORENTZ do not integrate the electronics into the motor to improve reliability and access for maintenance. In LORENTZ solutions all electronics are above ground for quick and easy access and a with a reduced costs to service.

There are two major problems with motors that use integrated electronics, the first is that you have to pull the entire pump from the well to fix them and the second is that in most cases the electronics cannot be replaced or serviced as they are cast into the motor. So a single electronic component failure means replacing the whole motor unit which is expensive and has a significant environmental impact. With the LORENTZ split motor/controller design the whole control board can be replaced cost effectively with the simple removal of 4 screws and without pulling the pump from the well.