Determining a Cost to Connect to the Grid

There can be large variations in the cost of bringing mains power to your property, in some cases it may not even be possible. The cost to connect to the electricity network depends on a range of factors, including distance from the grid, underground or over ground cabling, crossing neighboring properties, easements, SWER(Single Wire Earth Return) line capacity, transformer requirements, and many more things.  It is not uncommon for electricity distributors’ quotes to be tens or hundreds of thousands when all aspects are factored in.

IIAN TECH can assist you to obtain an accurate cost of connection with the electricity distributor and establish what your cost of connection would be in full.

On-Grid vs Off-Grid Comparison

Stand Alone Power (Off-Grid)
Grid Connection (On-Grid)
  • No ongoing power bills
  • No connection fees
  • Protected from rising power prices
  • Independent and sustainable electricity
  • The equipment you pay for you own
  • Green and renewable source of electricity
  • 85% total efficiency (95% during the day)
  • Limited to the amount of power a system can provide
  • User interaction required
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Quarterly power bill
  • Quarterly connection fee
  • Yearly price rises
  • Dependent on corporation’s for electricity
  • Equipment you pay for (Eg. Power-lines, transformers) you don’t own
  • Power generated from non renewable, dirty sources
  • 30% total efficiency by the time power reaches the end user
  • Infinite amount of power (Infinite bill?)
  • No user interaction
  • No idea of power cost until the bill arrives
  • Zero maintenance

Life Cycle Analysis

With rising electricity prices and large upfront connection costs, choosing to go stand alone for your electricity is becoming increasingly more attractive.  When deciding stand alone or grid connection, a full life cycle analysis should be conducted to understand the total cost of each option over the long term, not just the initial upfront cost.

IIAN TECH can help you compare going stand alone or grid connection with a full life cycle analysis.  Factors including annual expected electricity price rises, system ongoing costs (Generator fuel, maintenance) and equipment replacement are calculated over their useful life.

Lifecycle analysis