telecom_reducedCut OPEX and Optimize CAPEX
• Use Solar to Minimize DG run time
• Field Proven Reliability with over 2,000 installed and operating

Designed for Remote Telecom Sites
Hybrid Solar/DG or Pure Solar 
• Smart control of external generator
• 48V, Positive Ground Systems
• Up to 9kW Load, 20kW PV Array
• 2 Panel Sizes for 2 or 4 T80HV MPPT Charge Controllers

Complete Energy System Electronics

• Comprehensive Remote Monitoring
• IP66 Sealed Enclosure
• Options for Custom configurations
• Factory wired and tested in the USA and Korea.
• 5 Year Warranty

Based on the field proven T80HV TurboCharger

The T80HV TurboCharger™ is the industry’s most robust Photovoltaic battery charge controller. It integrates Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), battery charge management, State of Charge data, and communications into a single product. Each T80HV will support up to 5kW of PV Array with
up to 180 volts Voc. The 80Amps of battery charge current is available with ambient temperatures up to 45OC.

Reduced CAPEX with optional features

The Gen 4 systems are designed to minimize the Capital Expense when buying solar replacements for diesel generators. The basic panels are offered at lowest cost, with optional features that can be added on a ‘per requirement’ basis.

Comprehensive Remote Monitoring and Control

Optional remote monitoring of the entire energy system is near real-time. Data is sent to our server every 10 seconds showing: Voltage and current on PV input, batteries, and load; Internal cabinet and battery temperatures; Battery State of Charge, Energy Harvest, Alarms and Diagnostics. Alarms are provided on all vital parameters with load disconnect on low battery SoC. Data communication is via Ethernet, GSM Modem or Satellite.

Hybrid Diesel Generator Control

All the Gen4 Panels offer full Hybrid System functionality. The IIAN TECH system Controller firmware is available with Smart Energy Flow Algorithm which starts an external generator at the optimum time. Our smart software minimizes fuel consumption and DG run time while ensuring that the telecom
BTS loads are always powered and that the batteries are never deeply discharged.

New MINI Panel

Designed for low cost, the MINI panel will fit either 1 or 2 T80HVs which can harvest up to 10kW of PV. All the options for the standard size panels fit in the MINI as well. The MINI cabinet is 600x1000mm.

Easy Installation in Remote Locations

The PVT Systems are completely assembled, wired, and tested in our factory in the USA , Korea to
provide a single point of responsibility.