Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The Apollo Solar Inverter line provides a great option for UPS applications in homes and businesses that want – or need – protection from electrical failures.

EGFgBattery Backup Unit

   Model: TSW3224 or TSW4048 with ISM

  • 120/240 Split Phase Input and Output to run well pumps and motors
  • 200% Surge Capacity to provide the initial power to start up heavy loads
  • Efficient Multi-Stage Battery Charging that extends battery life
  • Optional Remote Monitoring via the Internet to show the system status.


  • 120/240 Volt AC Split-Phase Input and Output
  • AC input can accept the line (main power grid) or 240 volt AC generators
  • Over 200% of the rated power is available to allow for intermittent loads for short periods, like starting motors (up to 3HP), without interrupting sensitive computer loads
  • The 4-stage charging algorithm– Bulk, Absorb, Float, Equalize, Standby –maximizes both battery life and storage capacity
  • Front mounted LCD provides a digital readout of the AC and DC voltage and current.
  • Optional Remote Monitoring: A communications gateway is available to provide monitoring of your UPS including battery condition from any PC using the internet

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  • For our guide “Help Me Size My UPS”, email- iian@iian.kr