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Maintenance free battery A sealed battery to which water cannot be added to maintain the level of the
Manufacturing Capacity The quantity of saleable product that can be manufactured by operating at the maximum practicable rate. All quoted capacities are average for the quarter.
Market The quantity of modules delivered to final installation sites, including modules awaiting installation or grid connection, where applicable. The market under this definition, therefore, typically exceeds the volume of PV reported as connected to the grid.
Market size The volume of modules delivered to installation sites, including modules awaiting installation or grid connection, where applicable. The total market is comprised of both grid-connected installations and off-grid applications. Note that a definition covering on-grid PV that is based just on systems ?connected to the grid? (an often used measure in Europe) is a subset of the Solarbuzz market size number.
Max Maximum capacity.
Maximum power point (MPP) Operating a PV array at that voltage will produce maximum power. The point on the current-voltage (I-V) curve of a module under illumination, where the product of current and voltage is maximum. [UL 1703] This corresponds to the point on an I-V curve that represents the largest area rectangle that can be drawn under the curve. For a typical silicon cell panel, this is about 17 volts for a 36 cell configuration.
Maximum power point tracker (MPPT) A power conditioning unit that automatically operates the PV generator at its MPP under all conditions. An MPPT will typically increase power delivered to the system by 10% to 40%, depending on climate conditions and battery state of charge.
mc-Si Multi-crystalline silicon.
Megawatt (MW) A measurement of power equal to one million Watts.
Megawatt-hour (MWh) A measurement of power with respect to time (i.e. energy). One megawatt-hour is equal to one megawatt being used for a period of one hour, or one kilowatt being used for 1000 hours.
MG-Si Metallurgical grade silicon.
Microgroove A small groove scribed into the surface of a cell which may be filled with metal for contacts.
Modified sine wave A waveform with at least three states (positive, off, and negative) used to simulate a sine wave. It has less harmonic content than a square wave. This type of waveform is better than a square wave, but not as suitable for some appliances as a sine wave.
Modularity The use of complete sub-assemblies to produce a larger system. Also the use of multiple inverters connected in parallel to service different loads.
Module An encapsulated panel containing a number of electrically connected PV cells.
Module de-rating factor A factor that lowers the power output of a module to account for field operating conditions e.g. dirt build-up on the module.
Module Details This gives as much detail as is known: brand name, number of modules and size.
Module supplier Suppliers of modules.
Module type Type of modules – c-Si:multi/mono; TF:a-Si/CdTe/CIGS; CPV.
mono-Si Monocrystalline silicon.
Monocrystalline solar cell A form of solar cell made from a thin slice of a single large crystal of silicon.
Monolithic Fabricated as a single structure, as used to describe thin film series interconnected PV cells on a single sheet substrate.
multi-jn Multi-junction.
Multi-junction device A PV device containing two or more cell junctions each of which may be different in nature and optimized to absorb a particular part of the solar spectrum in order to achieve higher overall cell efficiency.
Multi-stage controller A charge controller that allows different charging currents as the battery approaches full state of charge.
Multicrystalline A material that has solidified at a rate such that many small crystals (crystallites) form. The atoms within a single crystallite are symmetrically arranged with a particular orientation, whereas the crystallites themselves are differently oriented. The multitude of grain boundaries in the material (between the crystallites) reduce the cell efficiency. Multicrystalline is also referred to as polycrystalline.
MW Megawatts.
MW Peak Megawatt Peak DC of the PV system.
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